Battle Royale 2013: Semi-Finals: Fight!

March 19, 2013

The Semi-Finals of the SFC’s 2013 Battle Royale are here! Below you will find a description of each combatant, detailing their strengths as well as their weapons of choice. Click on the links below the description boxes to vote for a winner. The poll will close at Midnight on March 26th. On Thursday, March 28th, the Finals poll will be up on the site. Let the fights begin!

Round 3

Battle 1:

Who Will Win Battle One? VOTE HERE!

Battle 2:

Who Will Win Battle Two? VOTE HERE!

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3 comments on “Battle Royale 2013: Semi-Finals: Fight!

  1. Max…is there a point to continuing this now that I’ve been eliminated from the tournament? 🙂

  2. Justin Mar 25, 2013

    Keratosis is awesome

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