Episode 202: Thor Movie Review

November 5, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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4 comments on “Episode 202: Thor Movie Review

  1. This episode is really digging from the bottom of the barrel, it feels like. Whether it is labeled so, or not, it is a second time loop in a row. Lest we not dig from the bottom of the barrel after #200.

    This really feels like an episode release for the sake of an episode release, with no really good justification, other than the sequel happens to be coming out, allowing for your 2011 video to be played.

    I enjoyed this episode for what it was, but I don’t see any reason it should have been put together.

  2. Hehe! Your introductory thoughts and conversation were good, but I think that would have had a better place if it were in a legitimate episode where a review of Thor 2 would be the topic.

    But this episode felt brief and needless because we could all go back and watch your Thor video review from 2011 if we wanted. Even better, you could stamp that video at the end of a Thor 2 review episode!

    I just think this is an episode that didn’t need to be made, and wasted a conversation that will be repeated if there is a Thor 2 review episode. If there isn’t a Thor 2 review episode, this one will be even more pointless, in my opinion.

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