Movie News: Official Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Debuts

November 28, 2014

Best reason to skip the Black Friday insanity ever! To the best of my knowledge, this is the real deal. It certainly looks and feels like a J.J. Abrams movie…

What do you think? We’re headed back to Tatooine (for a planet farthest from the bright center of the galaxy, it sure seems to see more than its fair share of cosmically important events), and to a new, watery world (maybe? or maybe those X-Wings are skimming the seas of Kamino, or Naboo? Please not Naboo). The stormtroopers’ armor appears to have gotten a sleeker upgrade since the Empire fell (or perhaps it didn’t–maybe the loss of the second Death Star and of Palpatine himself didn’t prove to be the fatal blows we thought they would be). We’re getting at least one new bad guy, who’s armed with a red, cruciform lightsaber. The rolling astromech droid will certainly be one of Christmas 2015’s hottest toys. And the Millennium Falcon is more kick-butt than ever.

Not much definitive in these 88 seconds, but plenty to fuel months of anticipation. On a scale of 1 to 10–where 1 is “What Star Wars movie?” and 10 is “More excited than a Jawa in a junkyard”–how psyched are you for The Force Awakens?

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5 comments on “Movie News: Official Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer Debuts

  1. John Ehman Nov 28, 2014

    I’m thinking the person with the cruciform lightsaber might not be a baddie. After all, Luke ended up dressed in black in VI.

    • Michael Nov 28, 2014

      That is an excellent point, John. And it would be nice if the cross-shaped lightsaber is in the hands of a good guy. On the other hand, we’ve never yet seen a good guy in the Star Wars universe wielding a red blade…

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. As a child of 8 I sat in that theater in 1977 awestruck by what I was seeing. Back then it took more than “pretty visuals” to make something “epic”. What made Star Wars a thing of greatness was it brought it all to the table. Revolutionary special effects, as it was the first to utilize “blue screen” effects to the world. It also had a wonderful story and rich multi demensional characters to drive that story. The recent trilogy, while having plenty of “eye candy” lacked in almost every other department, in my opinion. To me, it seemed like it was a rush to the end we all knew, while trying to add cliche ingredients to the mix Jar Jar being a prime example. While the underlying political story was mildly interesting it was nothing compared to the good curses evil on the epic scale of the originals. My hope with the new series is it will return to its roots of telling a story first and foremost.

    • Michael Nov 30, 2014

      From your lips to Disney’s ears, Michael! If the story is rich and satisfying, and works on a mythic-epic scale — something the political infighting stuff of the prequels most assuredly did not — then we should be in for quite a treat. Here’s hoping!

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