Movie News: Star Wars Episode VII Title Revealed

November 6, 2014

If you think Episode VII’s title counts as a spoiler, don’t click here! Let’s face it: Assuming Episode VII has anything like the usual amount of pre-release hype and merchandising most of the other Star Wars films have had–and, especially now that The Galaxy Far, Far Away is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Disney empire (oh, perhaps that’s a poor choice of words…)–none of us have a snowball’s chance on Dagobah of remaining unaware of the film’s name between now and next December.

And so, without further ado… Dim the lights, cue the John Williams fanfare, and get ready for the opening crawl:

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What do you think? I think it sounds pretty cool. I’d actually been hoping and imagining for a title not unlike this. Knowing nothing of the plot, of course, but assuming Luke Skywalker would be training up a new order of Jedi in the way they should go, I’d been daydreaming The Call of the Force as the new movie’s title–something that demonstrated clear continuity with the Saga as it stands, but also looks forward, creating a sense of anticipation without giving away any specifics. I think The Force Awakens fits that bill, too.

Of course, does this title mean The Force was asleep in the decades in between Episodes III and VI? Will Episode VII spend too much time showing us midichlorians rousing themselves from slumber, in some sort of mystical, cosmic spring? One thing we sci-fi Christians know: Although casual analyses of the Star Wars films sometimes compare The Force to God, we know that God slumbers not nor sleeps (Psalm 121.4).

What do you think of the title, The Force Awakens? Does it flow trippingly off your nerdy tongue… or do you have a bad feeling about this?

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