Trailer News: Into the Woods

November 6, 2014

Disney’s much-anticipated big screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s fairy-tales-with-a-twist musical, Into the Woods, arrives in theaters this Christmas. Fans of the original show, which premiered in 1986, are wishing the silver screen version will retain all of its magic. The latest, lengthy trailer offers reason to hope it will:

The movie will be lavish, if nothing else. In addition to the inherent fantasy interest, several stars familiar to sci-fi fans will be demonstrating (one trusts) their musical theater chops, including James Corden (best known as a comedian but also a veteran of two Doctor Who episodes, “The Lodger” and “Closing Time“) as the Baker, Chris “Captain Kirk” Pine as one of the Princes (“I was raised to be charming, not sincere”), and the inimitable Johnny Depp (of Pirates of the Caribbean and too many Tim Burton-helmed phantasmagorias to mention) as the Big Bad Wolf.

Into the Woods shares one of our central convictions at The Sci-Fi Christian: Stories Matter! “Careful the tale you tell,” the Witch cautions in one song, for “that is the spell. Children will listen!”

Will you be listening this December? Are you looking forward to Into the Woods?

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