Episode 327: Doctor Who Enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Other News

January 28, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 327: Doctor Who Enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Other News

  1. Michael Jan 29, 2015

    Matt – How is it that “Ghostbusters,” released 1984, is not in your pop culture era, but “Back to the Future,” released 1985, is? I am indifferent to the property as you two are; but I do wonder if we will get a distaff remake/remix of that incredible Ray Parker, Jr. theme song which, as far as I’m concerned, is the greatest thing about that film. Who ya gonna call?

    Sorry, but Ben is wrong on Zacharay Quinto. He was the best thing about “Heroes,” at least in its first season, when they let Sylar be Sylar. I will agree, though, that they should let the franchise rest in peace. Move on, move on. Besides: if “Heroes Reborn” is a different cast playing different characters, why are they just not making a brand-new thing altogether? I guess they are just hoping to trade on fans’ nostalgia for the brand name. I admit, sometimes that works on me, but not this time.

    You are right, though, Ben, about the “Batman kid” phenomenon. And Matt is also right about the value of helping an individual. This was a nice point/counterpoint you guys. I suppose maybe some of the money will go toward research and care; and maybe some awareness will be raised. Thanks for both of your comments on this issue.

    Opposite of the benefit of the doubt – the detriment of the certainty? 😉

    The streaming cut out at 23 minutes, so I will have to listen to the rest later, but enjoying it so far!

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