Episode 336: Top 5 Low Quality Influences

March 5, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

What are the Top 5 things that are low quality, but have influenced us on some level? How did they change the way we think about a character or a theme?

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4 comments on “Episode 336: Top 5 Low Quality Influences

  1. I know you guys have a …thing with the Noodle mix crowd, but you have Once Podcast in Best Produced, Beyond the To Do List in Business, The Productive Woman in General, The Audacity to Podcast in Technology, and the, you know, that one in the same category as you. Plus, Ben, Hardcore History is in Education and Common Sense is in Politics/News.

    On to the topic of the actual podcast… Ben’s number 3, if I recall, was beware of formulas. Well, Bernard Cornwell does that in the Sharpe’s books, and there are quite a number of them…however, he carries that a step further: if you read his other history based writing, and just replaced the details and names with the Sharpe’s details and names, you would never know it was a different story.

    • Hey Rhoetus,

      I don’t think we have a…thing with the Noodle Mix network (if you mean any negative feelings). In fact, the Sci-Fi Christian’s own, Daniel Butcher, is a part of the Noodle Mix group with his awesome podcast, Welcome to Level Seven.

      • I just looked at their website and realized I forgot to mention that our great friends, Wayne Henderson and Troy Heinritz, are also part of this network with their shows, Resurrection Revealed and Under the Dome Radio. Also, I’m a long-time fan of Erik Fisher, going all the way back to his GSPN days. All that to say, Noodle.mx sounds pretty good in my book.

        • Well, if I recall, many moons ago when you were trying to get votes Ben mentioned how the Noodles were really pushing to get votes. I was pretty sure it was your usual banter, but a rivalry of sorts was mentioned. (something like you’ll be friends again as soon as the voting ends)

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