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One comment on “Game of Thrones Review: The Wars to Come

  1. Thanks for the recap, guys!

    Spoilers ahead for non-book readers, and a minor internet rumor spoiler for the series….

    I’m fine if they dump most of Tyrion’s story that remains from the books. I don’t need to see him humiliated for 2 seasons or so — I would like to see him meet Denarys fairly soon.

    As for the “Lady Stoneheart” storyline– I liked her first appearance in the books, but everything other time she showed up, I was disappointed, so I don’t mind her not being on the show. This makes Brienne’s storyline problematic, true, but I have confidence the show writers will come up with a new story for her. I kinda doubt she’s going to go back after Jamie at this point.

    Word is, no Bran this season. Good choice, as his book storyline is pretty much used up anyway. I imagine his season 6 reintroduction will involve a dramatic shift in appearance.

    I haven’t seen the leaked episodes, but the word is “the big break” with the books happens in them. I have no clue! I would love it if they gave us some more White Walkers, but I doubt that’s where they are going.

    I look forward to next week’s show!

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