Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono There is an exciting new Sci-Fi Christian fansite that you can find at SFC.blue! Thank you to Brian Koser for creating this awesome website!

Featuring Ben De Bono, Matt Anderson, Brian Koser, and Melissa Koser On this short news episode we are joined by the Kosers of the “Ten to One” podcast! Check out SFC.blue, created by Brian Koser!

Featuring Matt Anderson, Ben De Bono, and Sam Fredin Ben and Matt are joined by Sam Fredin to break down all the news from Comic Con Donate to help the Water Fund here: https://www.onedayswages.org/thescifichristian

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono In the wake of the LEGO Movie, an announcement has been made that there is a planned Play-Doh Movie. In this episode, we talk about that, and other…